ScreenCastsOnline Video Podcast - Desktop Edition
Watch, Listen, Do.....

cp1.jpg Sorry but couldn't let this go without comment. From a standing start two weeks ago to position 99 in the iTunes Top 100 subscribed podcasts!!!!

I must admit, I'm speechless and a little shaken!

Thanks ever so much to all those that have subscribed and I hope you stay subscribed for the duration. I've got lots more ideas for screencasts, it's just finding the time to record and produce them!

Please let me know how I'm doing either by leaving comments of the web site or emailing me at

On second thoughts, leave any good comments on the web site for all to see and send any bad comments to me via email :-)

I'm hoping to do some more beginner type stuff so please let your family and friends know about the site, or anyone who would appreciate a bit of coaching in some of the latest stuff to hit the mac and the web. I'll try and include some more technical stuff as well so I keep any ubergeeks happy, along with web based stuff that's cross platform for any Windows subscribers.

So anyway, thanks again for the support and messages up to now. I dare say the ranking in iTunes may drop off but it was great to get into the top 100!

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