ScreenCastsOnline Video Podcast - Desktop Edition
Watch, Listen, Do.....

Welcome to all new viewers who have subscribed to this Video Podcast via the New and Notables section on the iTunes Music Store!

ScreenCastsOnline is a free hints and tips service which produces streaming or downloadable video tutorials (screencasts) for distribution via iTunes for the mac and 5G ipods.

Please be aware that there are two versions of ScreenCastsOnline available via iTunes - an iPod formatted version (320 x 240) and a high resolution version (960 x 600) for viewing on your desktop - Both have identical content but are formatted for optimum results on your display of choice.

Please Note - New and Notables is only showing the iPod formatted version so just search for "ScreenCastsOnline" in the podcasts directory on iTunes and select whichever version you like.....or both!

There are currently over 20 free video tutorials available for download from either iTunes or the ScreenCastsOnline website.

To see a summary of all the available tutorials just go to the website and click on the "All ScreenCasts" Button or just review the back catalogue once subscribed via iTunes! The screencasts will play directly in iTunes 6.0 on the desktop or iPod with no additional software required on either PC and mac.

I hope you find the Screencasts useful and keep subscribed!

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