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If you've reached this site you're probably using the old URL or your DNS has not yet been updated with the new location of the ScreenCastsOnline website.

Yes - This site has now been replaced with a brand new state of the art website over at:

Before clicking on the link, please take a second to update your bookmarks if necessary to the new site.

See you over there!!

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I merged the iPod and Desktop feeds today so now there is a single public ScreenCastsOnline feed in the iTMS. I tested it once I made the change and all appeared fine.

Since then I've had two reports that some of the older screencasts have downloaded again. Although it's only two people affected, that's two too many.

Since there are over 40 screencasts in the feed I've taken the decision to remove the older screencasts from the feed to prevent any spurious downloads or at least to minimise them.

All the older episodes are on the WebSite so people can get them from there. I'll make a separate one-off feed that people can use to get the older episodes or they can get the DVD if needed.

My main concern is not to inconvenience current subscribers!

If you've had double downloads - please accept my apologies and hopefully I'll have something extra for you that will take the pain away in the next few days ;-)

Stay subscribed! Don
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cp1.jpg Well I promised you the results of the survey so I thought I'd do a special episode giving you the edited highlights! This screencast covers the main points of the recent Podtrac Viewer survey taken by 289 ScreenCastsOnline viewers. Thanks to all who took part and I think you'll agree , it raises some interesting issues! Also includes some background information on developments with ScreenCastsOnline.

Please leave all comments about this ScreenCast on the SCO Forum Message Board

Duration: 17:00
Size: Desktop & iPod:63MB HiDef:TBA MB
Platform: All
Level: Easy
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SCO Forum - Encoding Thread

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cp1.jpg Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and I'm pleased to announce the winner and runnerup.....

Winner of the PED2 and ScreenCastsOnline DVD:
Terry Sheltra - USA

Winner of ScreenCastsOnline DVD:
John Ryan - Sydney, Australia

Congratulations !!

Your prizes should be with you within two weeks!

PS The next edition of ScreenCastsOnline has been recorded and just needs editing and encoding so it will be with you in the next few days
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As promised, here is the monthly audio update. This has been produced using the new Podcast Studio in Garageband, part of the new iLife '06 suite from Apple. As such it's an enhanced podcast but I'll put an mp3 version on the post at the ScreenCastsOnline website.

I've not had much chance to get the best out of Podcast Studio but with a bit of creativity, this program could certainly rock!!

Sorry for the sound effects etc, but I couldn't help myself :-) It's just so easy to create an enhanced podcast it's unbelievable - great job Apple!

Here's a link to the MP3 version if you want to stream or download manually MP3 Version

Duration: 11:27
Size: Desktop:11MB
Platform: All
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We've just hit 300 registered members on the ScreenCastsOnline forums!

Check it out here

I'll be posting a special Audio Update over the weekend (probably Sunday) bringing you up to date with whats happening with ScreenCastsOnline. Now that I've got my copy of iLife 06 I've just got to try out this new podcast studio!

Normal service will be resumed next week when I'll be bringing you a timely update on .Mac.

PS Don't forget the PED2 competition closes in a few days (16th January) so get your entries in quick. There are only 106 entries to date so the odds are pretty good. It's just what you need for that new iPod you got at Xmas!

Get the code from here:

and register on the ScreenCastsOnline forum and retrieve the code from the Ped2Giveaway forum board here:

ScreenCastsOnline Forum

and send the codes via email to:

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Macsimum News are providing daily reports of the Macworld 2006 Expo. Please see the links below if you want to stream or download the shows (Right or CTRL click and Download Linked File).

cp1.jpg Pre-Keynote Predictions, Interview with Paul Kafasis, CEO and Lackey for Rogue Amoeba - All about Audio Hijack Pro and what's involved in planning and setting up a booth for Macworld, Interview with Maria O. Arguello, an Apple Liason. She explains how Apple can help out user groups but no one seems to avail themselves of the benefits - 110MB 23:12

cp1.jpg It's an experience like none other. Tuesday on the Exhibit Hall floor is a sensory overload. In this vodcast, Frank tries to capture all the confusion and all that fun.35MB 6:16

cp1.jpg Dennis and Frank show us some of the items that caught their attention. And wallets - 93MB 15:20

cp1.jpg Today we pick the brain of professional digital photographer, Derrick Story. He discusses the current state and future of digital imaging. Then we cruise the Exhibition Hall with Dennis and see what's cooking. - 108MB 18:17

cp1.jpg Today is it, the finale. We get the opinions on this year's show from such Mac luminaries as Shawn King and Leo Laporte. Afterwards we honor this year's Macsimum Award winners. - 105MB 17:51

Be sure to check out the Macsimum News Website for breaking stories throughout the show

Subscribe to the special RSS feed and have the reports delivered directly into iTunes when they are available. On the iTunes menu bar, just select Advanced - Subscribe to podcast.... and paste the following URL into the dialog box.

then click OK
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Happy New Year from ScreenCastsOnline!

I hope you all had a great Holiday break and wish you all a happy New Year for 2006

I'll be gearing up to start production of the next ScreenCastsOnline show in the next few days and as promised will be taking a more advanced look at RapidWeaver.

Don't forget the PED2 ipod stand giveaway competition is still on and will run up to the 15th January. It's your chance to get a free PED2 ipod stand simply by emailing a couple of codes which can be found on the ScreenCastsOnline forum and the website. Full details are included in the last screencast (SC00026)

Some surprises scheduled for this month, around about the same time as the MacWorld 2006 expo, so keep subscribed and I'll let you in on some of the details a bit nearer the time.

So again, thanks for all the support and good wishes in 2005, especially from all those who have contributed to the running of the show by making an ad-hoc or monthly subscription from the ScreenCastsOnline website. It truly is appreciated!

I'm really looking forward to a great and exciting 2006 for the mac platform, it's going to be a fantastic ride :-)

Best Wishes for 2006

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A short episode this week giving you details on how to enter the ScreenCastsOnline/ competition.

Full details of the competition are included in the screencast. The email address to send your competition entry to is:

We'll be back to normal after the holidays with more hints, tips and reviews.

Have a great Xmas and a happy new year!!

Please leave all comments about this ScreenCast on the SCO Forum Message Board

Duration: 3:46
Size: Desktop:18MB iPod:12MB HiDef:TBA
Platform: All
Level: Easy
Links: Competition Page
SCO Forums

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The ScreenCastsOnline forum has now been moved to a new hosting provider - SiteGround.

Web hosting services

Can't recommend them more in the level of service they provide. Really fast responses to issues and they go the extra mile to help you. The transfer process was handled seamlessly by them and they helped resolve a few issues caused by me!

I've got five $20 discount vouchers for anyone who is looking to take out a hosting account so please send me an email and I'll send to the 1st five people who request it.
br> The new location for the forum is:

Any problems, please drop me an email at

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