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cp1.jpg For SCO Contributors Only - Well I said I'd produce some "premium" content for you SCO contributors out there as a token of my appreciation for your support and this is the first one.

It's a cracker!

If you've never seen what's available on the Usenet Binary Newsgroups or if you have seen and didn't understand how it all works, this screencast is for you

It takes you through using a commercial Usenet service, accessing easy to use Usenet Indexing services, automating the download of Usenet binaries using NZB files and the use of PAR files.

This screencast is only available to current and future SCO contributors.

I've set up a special RSS feed for this and future "Premium" content and the feed address is posted in the SCO Contributors section on the SCO forum. So if you're an existing SCO contributor and haven't registered yet on the forum, please do so and drop me an email with your login name. I'll upgrade your account on the forum which will give you access to the SCO contributors area and full instructions on accessing the feed will be posted there.

If you're not a contributor and would like access to this screencast and other "Specials" in the future, please feel free to make a donation to SCO using either the ad-hoc or monthly donation buttons on the ScreenCastsOnline website.

The next free Screencast will be posted on the usual feeds in the next couple of days!

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Duration: 18:16
Size: 40MB
Platform: mac
Level: Easy
GigaNews NewzBin iGrabNews MacPAR_deLuxe

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