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cp1.jpgThis final episode completes the three part series on the basics of the excellent web creation tool - Rapidweaver by Realmac Software.

Rapidweaver is a fantastic website creation tool that allows you to create and publish professionally themed websites with no programming whatsoever. This third part gives you a walkthrough of the contact form, iFrame, HTML and Movie Album capabilities of Rapidweaver.

Be sure to watch this through to the end where you'll be given details of an exclusive offer for ScreenCastsOnline viewers - 15% off the online price for Rapidweaver. Also, by using the special ScreenCastsOnline discount code, you are also supporting ScreenCastsOnline

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Duration: 21:27
Size: Desktop & iPod:47MB HiDef:53MB
Platform: mac
Level: Easy
Links: Rapidweaver

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