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cp1.jpg This episode is the second part in a short series covering Apples .Mac service.

This episode focuses on Backup 3, the free backup software provided with .mac that allows you to backup to iDisk, hard disks, network shares and CD/DVD media

Part 3 is the can and needs editing so that will be with you next week. Part 3 focuses on .mac groups and iWeb integration.

If you want to try out .mac, please use the affiliate link below and sign up via ScreenCastsOnline

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Update Experiment!!! - The iPod version is recorded in Mpeg-4 with a much higher resolution that the normal iPod Version (640x360 instead of 320x240) It looks the same on the iPod but play it in iTunes on your PC or Mac and see the difference. Any problems, please get back to me ASAP preferably via the forums.

Duration: 12:00
Size: Desktop:18MB iPod:27MB HiDef:22MB
Platform: mac
Level: Easy
Links: Sign up for a free, 60-day trial of .Mac

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