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cp1.jpg Another first! This edition features a guest screencaster - Mark Pilgrim - who takes us through some of the more advanced features of setting up a secure remote link to your mac via the Internet. Even from a Windows PC!

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Duration: 20:07
Size: 28MB
Platform: mac
Level: Medium
Links: Marks Site

Update for iPod Users - Previous versions of the screencasts have been reformatted to play on the iPod by rescaling the resolution from 960x600 to 320x240. This has resulted in files that will play on the iPod but can be diificult to view as the whole screen is compressed into the small iPod screen.

For this edition I've done an experiment which has resulted in the iPod file being slightly larger than usual! This is because the file contains two complete copies of the screencast. The first is the standard screencast compressed to fit onto the iPod and the second is the exact same version but "zoomed" into the screen to try and follow the action.

This should make the screencast much more readable but does mean there are sections where there is a lot of screens whizzing about! This is just an experiment so excuse the jerkiness in places!

I'd be grateful for some feedback as to which version you prefer and have set up a poll on the SCO forum to allow you to vote and to add any comments. Please vote on the poll here: Link

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