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cp1.jpg The first of a three part series covering how to record, publish and promote a podcast. The series will take you through
  • Part 1 - Recording the podcast using Garageband (mac) - (This episode)
  • Part 2 - Creating a website and distributing your Podcast automatically (mac and PC) Link
  • Part 3 - Publishing and promoting in iTunes (mac and PC)

All with no technical or programming skills required!

iTunes 5.0 update! - Released this episode and Apple released iTunes 5 within 2 hours :-)

All references to iTunes are unaffected except how to get to the encoding settings in iTunes it's now Preferences -> Advanced -> Importing. Everything else is the same!

This episode includes chapter markers for easy reference. These will only work if the video is downloaded to your pc or mac (not via streaming).

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Duration: 24:00
Size: 37MB
Platform: mac
Level: Easy
Links used in the ScreenCast:

Eric Rices 10 Minute Guide

PS Apologies for the slightly uneven audio levels in this edition. I've cracked it now but didn't want to record the whole screencast again! Just watch out when the music kicks in the first time during the adding music section - you may want to lower it slightly - only for a second though!

Direct download for Desktop version (H264 - 960x600)
Direct download for iPod version (H264 - 320x240)
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