ScreenCastsOnline Video Podcast - Desktop Edition
Watch, Listen, Do.....

cp1.jpg How to use the inbuilt features of OSX 10.4 to do screen captures plus demonstrating the use of a brilliant dashboard widget to enhance screen captures

As promised, this is the ScreenCast first distributed on macTV at the beginning of this week. It is replicated here for any ScreenCastOnline subscribers who are not subscribed to macTV.

I appreciate that this may cause a duplicate download for those subscribed to both. If this is a real cause for concern, please drop me a note at and we'll look at an alternative for the next macTV special.

Duration: 5:46
Size: 8.5MB
Platform: mac
Level: Simple
Links: Capture Widget

Direct download for Desktop version (H264 - 960x600)
Direct download for iPod version (H264 - 320x240)
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