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No Votes at Podcast Alley How embarrassing!

I registered with Podcast Alley over a month ago and forgot to tell anyone about it!. Been too busy making screencasts.

Consequently, I have 0 comments, 0 monthly votes, 0 overall votes and a monthly rank of 3529 :-)

Do me a favour and make a vote for me at Podcast Alley each month. I've included a new button in the Subscribe section of the sidebar so it will only take a few seconds.

Here's a Link if you're getting this via RSS

I feel that subscriptions to SCO are starting to plateau a bit so need to have a bit of a push "getting the message out" so Podcast Alley will help.

I'll try and make a few more promos to get played on a few podcasts.

Any one else got any good ideas?
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