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I've been getting some fantastic feedback following the recent ScreenCasts and it looks like they really are providing a useful service for a lot of people!

In fact, they've been so well received that several people have asked if there was a way to contribute to the upkeep of the show to show their appreciation for the help that SCO has given them. Cool!

After some deliberation, I've created a couple of buttons to allow people to do just that!

The basic philosophy of SCO remains the same in that we will continue to provide free content to anyone who wants to access it. Any contributions are purely voluntary but totally appreciated. I thought I'd adopt the Leo Laporte model (!) and set up two buttons on the ScreenCastsOnline website - Check out the side bar for the actual buttons:

cp1.jpg This lets you contribute an ad-hoc amount any time you want via PayPal. If there's a screencast that you have found particularly useful or if you just want to send something my way then this is the best option!

cp1.jpg This button will take you through the simple process of setting up a $2 per month contribution via PayPal. I'm currently pushing out approx 8 x 15-20 minute shows per month so that equates to 25c per show! This would be my preferred option as it will help guide me as to how well the shows are doing. It's a bit of an experiment in quasi-micropayments.

For those people kind enough to contribute, I'll be looking at ways of providing some additional content or perhaps early access to shows. If I ever go over to a more formal subscription based service (you never know where this all might lead but there will always be free content), rest assured - all you early supporters will get special treatment!

Privacy Policy - Just as a final note
Please be assured that any personal details passed to me via PayPal (e.g. email addresses) will never be passed on to anyone else - period.
I will maintain a list of contributors and may occasionally send you emails but they will only be in connection with ScreenCastsOnline and I promise I won't send you unsolicited adverts, etc.

Keep Subscribed!

PS Don't forget the vote at Podcast Alley for this month - we're up to 24 in the monthly rankings!!!!!!!!!
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