ScreenCastsOnline Video Podcast - Desktop Edition
Watch, Listen, Do.....

I merged the iPod and Desktop feeds today so now there is a single public ScreenCastsOnline feed in the iTMS. I tested it once I made the change and all appeared fine.

Since then I've had two reports that some of the older screencasts have downloaded again. Although it's only two people affected, that's two too many.

Since there are over 40 screencasts in the feed I've taken the decision to remove the older screencasts from the feed to prevent any spurious downloads or at least to minimise them.

All the older episodes are on the WebSite so people can get them from there. I'll make a separate one-off feed that people can use to get the older episodes or they can get the DVD if needed.

My main concern is not to inconvenience current subscribers!

If you've had double downloads - please accept my apologies and hopefully I'll have something extra for you that will take the pain away in the next few days ;-)

Stay subscribed! Don
Category:pc_and_mac -- posted at: 3:58pm UTC