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Well the new iPods are hitting the streets!

Thanks to Loren Finkelstien who was kind enough to try out the new iPod edition of ScreenCastsOnline! The bad news is that the re-encoded versions of the ScreenCastsOnline episodes didn't work.....Doh!

It now transpires that although the episodes were encoded using Apples published specification, there is something thats not quite right. The files were all encoded in H264 at 320x240 with AAC audio all within spec. They were saved as .mov files which again was in spec.

On investigation, Loren has discovered that another Video Podcast (Rocketboom) does work as a .mov on the iPod but that is encoded using MPEG-4!

As I don't have an new iPod to do further tests, I've got no option but to re-encode all the iPod versions using the new QT preset which unfortunately will produce larger file sizes. I'll re-encode over the next 24 hours and will need to reset the iTunes feed.

If you have already subscribed to the iPod edition feed, I would suggest unsubscribing from the iPod edition feed and deleting the existing .mov files from your iTunes library(not the desktop edition - they are fine). Leave it for a few hours and then re-subscribe to the iPod edition in iTunes again and you'll get the re-encoded files. They will all be labeled [iPod Edition OK] at the end of each itle.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Me puts on a pot of coffee for an all nighter :-)

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