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Following the horrendous events surrounding the devastation of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast I've hosted a Red Cross banner on the site, together with a PayPal donation button to support the FCC co-ordinating Tech aid for the Katrina disaster (see sidebar)

The FCC and FEMA is in a desperate need to reestablish communications in the disaster area. More specifically, the metropolitan area of New Orleans and it's surrounding areas. What can Wireless access internet service providers do to help? We can reestablish internal communications and provide connectivity to all disaster relief efforts by installing point to point, point to multipoint links, IP Web cams to assist the police and fire departments who can not be everywhere in such a large area, VoIP phones to provide voice communications to relief personnel in remote areas and many other types of normal everyday communications that most people take for granted.

I've removed the PayPal buttons for donations to ScreenCastsOnline out of respect to the people affected by this terrible event.

Although, New Orleans seems a long way from the UK, I've had the pleasure to visit a couple of times on business and it has always struck me as a truly unique place. The images of the Superdome and the downtown area bring back lots of good memories for me, and it's hard to grasp the plight of the poor people struggling to survive in the Convention Center where I've spent many hours.

I hope this can be resolved quickly, but I know it can't. Please help out.
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