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I have set up a separate page to acknowledge all those people are kind enough to support ScreenCastsOnline via a voluntary contribution. The page will list those people and will also include links to their blogs or websites.

The page can be accessed by clicking on the "Contributors" button in the side bar

In view of the appalling events in Pakistan, all monthly contributions to SCO made this month will be donated to the relief efforts via one of the main charity organisations

I have decided that I will produce some exclusive content for contributors as aknowledgement of their support and generosity. This will probably take the form of one or two special shows a month. I've got some cool stuff on p2p applications and Usenet newsgroups that probably wouldn't be appropriate for distrbution via iTunes, so this would be ideal for contributors only!

Please rest assured that there will always be free content on SCO so I've no intention to moving this over to a subscription based service!

Contributions are purely voluntary!

PS - The next episode on macTV should be out tomorrow and this week it's about Spotlight. I'll post it on the SCO site on Friday.

PPS - Looks like there's a lot of support for the behind the scenes look at how a SCO episode is put together. I'll look at getting this recorded and posted in the next week.

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